Our warehousing service conveys stock management in our warehouse and involves two stages: supply and goods set up:


  • Goods pick-up, containers, loose cargo, from port and local venues, of products to be transported to our own warehouse.
  • We tailor-make the goods’ set up for each client.
  • Quality control and product classification of products .
  • Allocation in our depots until final disposition.


Goods Set Up

  • Receipt of Orders to set up.
  • A Picking Plan is designed for maximizing time efficiency in the collection and set up of goods.
  • A bill or delivery note is assigned to each order.


The best possible care of your goods is among our priorities, focusing on space and security to keep them in perfect condition.



Our warehouse is fully equipped for storage, check and administration of cargo and its subsequent delivery.

  • Storage per cubic meter
  • Per Pallet Unit
  • Physical Storage
  • Handling and Delivery of Finished Products
  • Consolidated Picking
  • Picking Per Order
  • Palletizing, Check and Control of Received Products
  • Goods Conditioning
  • Goods Conditioning
  • Order Preparation